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2017 Lincoln Continental Lease: What is in a Name?

The question of what a name means has been asked throughout human history. Many people over the course of time have attempted to leave their mark on the world through a variety of actions both to enhance and to harm the human race. We know many of these names and have written about and studied them. When it comes to the automotive world, there are some names that you know without being told what they are and when the news hit your ears that you could enjoy a 2017 Lincoln Continental lease and the financing you want on this car, a feeling of joy may have swept over you.

2017 Lincoln Continental Lease at Wallace LincolnThe 2017 Lincoln Continental lease is offered at Wallace Lincoln in Fort Pierce, FL for you to have the ride quality of a car that brings back an iconic name for you. This is a car that has been the flagship model of this brand in the past and has now returned to regain its rightful place at the top of the lineup from Lincoln. You’ll be absolutely amazed by the relatively low starting price of the Continental that you see at Wallace.

When you’re considering a large and luxurious car that brings you the impressive style that you can only expect from Lincoln, the 2017 Lincoln Continental lease makes an amazing choice for you. This car has been built to carry on the name that you know and recognize so easily from when other large land yachts were prowling the streets. You’ll be amazed at everything this car has to offer and will be ready to sign one of the Lincoln Continental financing offers to make this car the one you’ll love to drive over the next several years.

When you think of the luxury you expect from the Lincoln Continental you choose to lease you’ll be amazed by the Revel audio system which can be had with either 13 or 19-speakers where you will be filled with the crisp quality sound that comes from this precision audio masterpiece. Another luxury feature you can’t ignore is the inclusion of massaging seats that adjust thirty different ways. You can enjoy the feeling of the massage on your backside when you drive or ride along in the Continental and allow this car to make you feel relaxed after a long day.

Where to Secure Financing for Your 2017 Lincoln Continental Lease

There are many reasons to love the 2017 Lincoln Continental lease and if you’re looking for the right place to secure the financing you need, look no farther than Wallace Lincoln in Fort Pierce, FL. This is where you’ll find the Lincoln Continental lease offers that will make it even easier for you to afford the drive in this amazing luxury car. Don’t you feel like you deserve to drive the best car in the lineup? If you do, the Continental will be the right choice when you’re looking for a car that makes a huge difference for you on the road.

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    Wallace Lincoln is your Treasure Coast Lincoln dealer - offering all Lincoln models for sale from Lincoln MKC to Lincoln Continental. Shop our inventory today.
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    Wallace Auto Group offers you nine different locations to shop, eight of which are near Port St. Lucie in Stuart, FL and the other one in Fort Pierce, FL. What does this mean for you? This means there are nine places where used cars are sold near Port St. Lucie at great deals for you to have the car you want.
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    Lincoln Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles must be no more than six years old, and can't have more than 60,000 actual miles on the odometer. Shop Certified Pre-Owned today.
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    Even the finest cars, trucks, and SUVs need upkeep. From simple oil changes to more complex services, Wallace has you covered - no matter whether you live in Stuart, Port St. Lucie or elsewhere.

Wallace Lincoln - Located a short distance away from Port St. Lucie.

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